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Friday, November 12, 2010

How to treat a perm burn?

So, you've got a fresh perm and your edges are laid down but your scalp is screaming for relief. Sorry but sounds  like you may be a victim of perm burn. So, now what? Don't worry it isn't the end of the world.
Although, it will feel like it if you use hair products with alcohol on your hair and scalp. A perm burn on top of hair products containing alcohol is definitely a no no. Spraying these products directly on irritated scalp can inflict serious pain and scalp injury.

How to treat the perm burn.
I personally treat my perm burns by placing hydro-cortisone 1% cream on the irritated area 1-3 times a day. Hydro-cortisone provides a little relief for inflammatory skin conditions. Although, I personally use this 2-3 days and then I allow my scalp to heal itself naturally.

What to do if a Scalp forms a scab?
If a scab forms in hair do not pick or scrap it or spray oil, gel or hair mousse in the sore. This will not only cause healing of the scalp to be delayed but create a welcome mat for bacteria and hair fungus on the scalp. Perm burns may take a few weeks, a month or longer for the scalp to heal depending on the severity of perm burn. So, be patient and don't panic and keep harsh chemicals such as hair dye and perm chemicals off the scalp. Also, try not to pull forcefully at the wound while combing or styling your hair.

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